Export of Personal & Household Effects

We can help with your shipment of goods back to your home. Whether you would like it sent as Air Freight cargo, or by Sea freight shipping, we can arrange an option that suits you best.

Airfreight consignments can be sent as part of a consolidation, meaning you secure a cheaper rate, to many destinations, and from many origins, worldwide.

Seafreight consignments can also be shipped as part of a consolidation to and from many major Ports worldwide. You can ship just a few boxes, or a full shipping container (20 ft. or 40 ft.)

If you are able to securely pack and clearly label your goods ready for shipment, then we can collect them from a New Zealand address, arrange to have them palletised and secured for shipment, and sent through to your destination by the most economical transport method.

International Freight Logistics NZ Ltd can also assist with the clearance, unpacking and delivery of personal shipments coming into New Zealand.

We are available to answer your questions on how to make shipping services work for you.

Instructions for the export of personal and Household effects

The documentation must be completed in full to enable both New Zealand Customs Service and Shipping Line requirements to be met. If you have any questions about the information that is required, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please confirm your intention to go ahead with the shipment at least a week before you intend to leave New Zealand. This allows time for a booking to be confirmed and the documentation to be completed.

Note that International Freight Logistics N.Z. Ltd does not have Credit Card or Eft-Pos facilities. Payments are accepted by Cash, Cheque or Bank Transfer.

Make sure you have the following information ready:

  • Transportation Agreement
  • Security Declaration
  • Detailed List of Contents and Value
  • FCL / LCL Packing Declaration
  • Copy your Passport Personal Details page (owner of goods)
  • New Zealand Customs Trade Single Window - Client Registration Application
  • Vehicle / Engine Declaration (if shipping vehicle/s or engine/s only)

Additional Information required:

  • Contact Phone Number and Email address for the Receiver
  • Alternative Name, Phone Number and Email address for friend or family member remaining in New Zealand. (Required in case we cannot contact you after you have left New Zealand.)

For assistance, or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at International Freight Logistics Ltd.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Usually one to two days, unless a specific request to examine the goods being imported is made by either the New Zealand Customs Service or Ministry for Primary Industries. Clearance is also subject to payment of Duties / Taxes.

At minimum, we need the Commercial Invoice, Packing List, and Bill of Lading or Air Waybill.  Other documentation may be required depending on goods and shipment type, e.g. Quarantine Declaration, Fumigation Certificate. Contact us if you need specific information regarding your goods.