Air Cargo and Freight

International Freight Logistics NZ Ltd regularly consult on and coordinate airfreight consignments for our Customers.  A large percentage of these are handled as airfreight consolidations, as these provide the best costs for Shippers while still delivering an efficient service.

Airfreight consignments are typically smaller, less heavy goods when compared to Full Container Load (FCL) shipments carried by sea.  However, don't think that larger and heavier items cannot be carried by air – they can!  Freighter services are available on major routes to handle the bigger pieces and International Freight Logistics NZ Ltd can arrange these from origin to delivery.

International Freight Logistics NZ Ltd can handle all your air cargo freight needs including, on a case-by-case basis:

  • Dangerous Goods Air Freighting
  • Hazardous Cargo by air
  • Temperature-protected air freighting
  • Monitoring of time sensitive deliveries

Arranging shipment of goods and cargo by Air is easy with International Freight Logistics NZ Ltd.

To get your Air freight cargo needs sorted, get in touch with us at International Freight Logistics NZ Ltd. We’ll arrange your Airfreight consignments whether its consolidated freight or a freighter service. From booking to Delivery, International Freight Logistics NZ Ltd will monitor your cargo and manage time-sensitive deliveries.

International Freight Logistics NZ Ltd can assist with all your Air cargo handling and documentation requirements.

We are familiar with air cargo handling and documentation requirements, and how these differ to sea freight requirements.  We are available to answer questions on how to make airfreight services work for you.

A great way ship cargo internationally, especially when it is time-sensitive. Whether your container is large or small, it will be shipped, tracked and monitored throughout its sea journey to its destination country.

Within regulatory and legislative restrictions, where they exist, most types of goods can be carried by air, including, on approval by the Airline, Dangerous Goods (DG) and hazardous cargo, to cargo requiring temperature protection and monitored and time-sensitive deliveries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not always, and that’s because freight forwarders consolidate cargo on a specific flight to move the greatest volumes and therefore keep the costs competitive.  A consolidation may be daily if volumes are high, or less often depending on the route.  It is usually possible to move goods on same day services however this can get very expensive.

At minimum, we need the Commercial Invoice, Packing List, and Bill of Lading or Air Waybill.  Other documentation may be required depending on goods and shipment type, e.g. Quarantine Declaration, Fumigation Certificate. Contact us if you need specific information regarding your goods.

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