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Providing a door to door service is sometimes the best way to get your goods to where they need to go. International Freight logistics NZ Ltd can arrange the courier of general consignments both to the destination (export) and from the Sender or Consignor (import). Courier Services are tracked at all times and delivery confirmation given to the appropriate person/department of your business/firm.

We’ll arrange the whole shipment, take care of the consignment note and track your shipment each step of the way, while keeping you updated.

Freighting of Dangerous, Biological and Hazardous goods can be actioned on the application.

Courier Services and rates:

A courier service is a door to door service. There are rates and potential fees for Courier services to operate.  Courier Services rates exclude any destination Government charges i.e. Customs duty /GST/, taxes and inspections. Rates also exclude any Biosecurity charges/inspections should they be applicable. The destination government charges for courier shipments are usually invoiced directly to the receiver or consignee of the goods. Insurance for your Courier shipments can be included on application.

Let International Freight Logistics NZ Ltd handle your International Courier packages for fast, effective and informed solutions, to ensure you get your packages delivered correctly, with transparency on all rates and government duties accounted for.

There are two types of courier services; express and economy express. For the most cost effective solution shipments up to 10 kilograms travel on the express courier service, all other shipments travel on the economy courier express service unless otherwise requested. There are priority services available at an additional cost.

Please note: A commercial invoice from the sender is required for import customs clearance, and export Customs clearances; this must state as much information relating to the consignment as possible i.e. quantity, value, full description, consignee full details and reason for export.

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