Sea freight

We are here to make your shipping requirements work for you. Sea freight shipping includes a variety of shipment service options:

  • Full Container Load (FCL)
  • Less-than Container Load (LCL) Consolidation
  • Special Equipment Containers (Flatrack, Open Top, Reefer)
  • Break-Bulk or non-containerised (Roll-On Roll-Off)
  • Vehicle shipping

We are here to make Sea Freight shipping simpler for you. International Freight Logistics NZ Ltd coordinates your shipping needs using the best services from multiple freight shipping companies to get your shipment delivered.

Simply contact us and let us know what you need and we will manage your International sea freight shipping needs from Sea Cargo and containers to Consolidation shipping and logistics.

Cost Effective, complete management of Sea Freight

Looking to save money on your sea freight shipping? We provide sea freight shipping quotes, rates and tracking, to ensure you get the best deal. We track and monitor the progress of sea freight shipments and provide updates to our Customers.

FCL Shipping

A great way to ship cargo internationally. Your container will be shipped, tracked and monitored throughout its sea journey to its destination country whether being imported into New Zealand or shipped to an overseas destination.

LCL Consolidation Shipping

A great solution for shipping your freight overseas.

For smaller cargo International Freight Logistics NZ Ltd recommends you use an LCL consolidation service. This service groups a large number of Shipper’s goods together in one or more shipping containers, so you only pay for the space that you use, and not the whole container. International Freight Logistics NZ Ltd will book, track and monitor your cargo shipment from Origin to Destination, word wide.

Special Equipment Container Shipping

Flatrack, Open Top and Reefer containers - we will access to anything you may require to get your sea freight delivered safe, and on time.

Shipping Large or heavy Cargo by Sea

Do you have large or heavy items that don’t mix well with other Shipper’s goods? Do you want to have your own staff load and unload the container because they’re the ones who know best how to do it? As long as you meet the legislative requirements at both ends of the journey then yes, we can assist you with this. International Freight Logistics NZ Ltd makes the process easy and transparent to ensure that you get a cheap, reliable, efficient, cargo shipping solution.

Project Cargo

Project cargo is anything that isn’t going to fit into a container and/or is time specific. Project cargo requires special handling and pre-shipment notifications. International Freight Logistics NZ Ltd can handle all aspects of your project cargo shipment needs - That’s what we do. Get in touch and we can help you out. 

Special Sea Freight Items

This includes but is not limited to

  • Vehicles
  • Craft, i.e. small aeroplanes and helicopters
  • Break–Bulk

Dedicated and special services are available for shipment as non-containerised cargo.  International Freight Logistics NZ Ltd is happy to assist.

International Freight Logistics NZ Ltd will coordinate the supply and positioning of shipping containers, as well as loading/unloading and de-hire when necessary.

Contact our Import, Export or Sales teams if you would like further information.

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Contact our Import, Export or Sales teams if you would like further information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, International Freight Logistics can and do actively monitor your shipments and will keep you up to date. Contact our Import or Export Teams for further details.

Generally, yes, and it is worth investigating this so you don’t double-up on costs for shipments from the same origin. Every origin Country (and sometimes regions within countries) will have different export clearance regulations that may limit your ability to consolidate all costs however in many cases this is achievable provided shipping paperwork is processed correctly and import Customs & MPI requirements are met. 

**Note: The above is offered as a guide and we recommend you contact an IFL representative for more detailed advice based on your individual needs where required.

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